Sword arrow dream meaning

Dream Symbol Sword Spear Arrow Shield Meaning

Sword arrow dream meaning

Dreaming with war tools is a very common dream in children or antique collectors. Your subconscious mind can cause you to have a dream of fighting with a sword or a spear and also arrow. Dreaming with swords and spears can be interpreted as a desire to gain peace because of conflict.

In general, the war tools in dreams show that you are looking for ways to solve your problems. The type of war tool in a dream can also show your personality. Here is the meaning of swords, arrow, and war tools in dreams:

What does it mean when you dream about a sword?

  • Dream to bear the sword, meant holding high positions.
  • Dream of carrying a massive sword, then be dragged on the ground, means mind holding position.
  • Sword falls, means fired from a job.
  • Dream of giving a sword to your wife, means have children.
  • Dream of holding four swords means blessed with four sons. Sword made of iron means children who brave, a sword made of brass mean rich kid, a sword made of lead means a child who behaves like a girl. Sword made of wood; the meaning is a hypocrite.
  • Dream of wielding a rusty sword means having an ugly child.
  • Dream about broken sword means your child dies in the womb.
  • Dream of wielding a sharp sword and shiny means truth-speaking.
  • Dream of a massive sword means not being able to speak.
  • Dream a drawn sword in hand and dispute, means to bring the truth.
  • Dream to find the sword and taken means the truth.
  • Dream of swinging the sword to the left and the right means unnecessary things.
  • Dream of playing sword means ingenuity.

What does it mean when you dream about a spear?

  • Dream about spear in hand means blessed with a son.
  • Dream of seeing spear means a child who becomes a community leader.
  • Dream of holding a spear and riding vehicle means excellent dignity.

What does it mean when you dream about arrow?

  • Dream of shooting and misses means sending something but not delivered.
  • Dream of seeing a straight arrow means the correct word.
  • The arrows from bamboo mean lousy talk.
  • A bow made of tin means unworth letter.
  • A bow made of brass means wealth.
  • A bow made of gold means unwelcome.
  • Draw the bowstring without an arrow, means go away and come back safely.
  • Broken bow means death.

What does it mean when you dream about a bulletproof vest?

  • Dream to make bulletproof armor means building a great city.
  • When you dream of wearing a bulletproof vest to trade, it means profits continuously.

What does it mean when you dream about the shield?

  • The white shield means a good man.
  • The red shield means a person who likes to have fun and joyful.
  • Black shield in a dream means money.
  • Dream of carrying armor with a weapon means victory over the enemy.
  • Dream of having a shield while having a son means your son will ensure your life.
  • Dream of carrying a variety of weapons in the middle of unarmed men means to lead them.

If you dream that you are fighting with these tools, this dream symbolizes that you are trying to resolve conflicts or disputes.

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