Demon devil genie dream meaning

Dream About Genie Devil Demon Meaning

Demon devil genie dream meaning


  1. Dream of seeing genie standing near your house means a loss and humiliation.
  2. Dream to turn into a genie, means you like to cheat.
  3. Dream to see a genie get into your house and then works in your home means your enemy will come to your house.
  4. Genie took your clothes, means you fired from work.
  5. Genie is walking behind you, means your enemies defeat you.
  6. To bow genie means getting the glory and dignity.
  7. Dream of the following genie means winning over your opponent.
  8. Became a prisoner of genie, means disgrace.
  9. Dream of talking to the genie means agree with opponents.


  1. Dream of seeing the devil advises you means trouble.
  2. The devil is holding your hand, means a great sin.
  3. Follow the devil in a dream, means tribulation.
  4. The devil gives you something, means illicit money.
  5. Devil kills you, means doing a bad thing, but prefer a good thing.
  6. Dream of the devil is touching you, and it means you have a lot of enemies.
  7. Dream of seeing the devil is happy, and it means you are always busy with pleasures.
  8. Devil stripped your clothes; means fired from a job.
  9. Devil struck you, means take the stolen money.


  1. Demon in a dream means an enemy or spy.
  2. Dream to kill the demon, means find help and get a good reputation.
  3. Became demon, means committing a sin or false.
  4. To dream becoming king of demons means authority.
  5. The demons torment you mean the joy of sorrow.
  6. The demon gets into your mouth; it means when you are in the sea will be sink, when planning to travel by sea
  7. should be postponed for a while.

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  1. I had an ideal I was in a stylish space, I seemed outside of of the question and it was summer time but it was also freezing out and there were celebrities, I was in a adventure, I started out the doorway and I saw someone there.

    With a fantastic top, he said he was the demon and I got afraid and forced previous him to run, but the desire just hopped to me being place again, he stepped to me and said he wasn’t going to harm me, I informed him he’s relaxing, he said that he wants me to really like him, I got even more afraid, then I don’t know what actually occurred but I didn’t have my outfits on.

  2. A reoccurring think of a canal in the forest by the house where the demon & his spouse have my mother and father shackled by tangible mattresses. The demon says to me,” tell me you like me & I’ll set them free”

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