daily activities dream meaning

Dream About Daily Activities Meaning

daily activities dream meaning

Every time you wake up, you will start to move. You begin to open your eyes and get out of bed to do something. You can start by going to the bathroom and washing your face. After that, you may take a drink or bake a loaf of bread.

Daily activities that appear sometimes we do not notice it. We just focus on what we see with our eyes. Even so, the event we do in dreams has its picture, and everything symbolizes your personality. Here is the meaning of activity in your sleep:

Daily activities in dream sense

Turning away

  1. When you dreamed of moving your head, it means the tragedy or the change in the work field.
  2. If you dreamed of turning your head to the other, it means the situation has changed.
  3. When you flip your body to the back means that you will avoid a calamity.


  1. If you dreamed of crying without shouting, it means the excitement after distress.
  2. When you dreamed of crying by yelling, it means striking.
  3. When you dream of shed a tear, it means profit.
  4. Crying without tears in a dream, it means not a good sign at all.
  5. When your eyes were bleeding or blood tears, it means you feel sorry for something, but you are too late.
  6. When you cried for people you know, but they already died, it means death or distress.
  7. When you dreamed of crying, it means joy profound. But when you cry by wailing, it means a calamity.
  8. If your eyes full of tears but not go out, it means you will get money.
  9. One of your eye sheds tears; it means your kids will be married.
  10. When you dream of crying then laughing afterward, it means imminent death.
  11. When you were smiling while you cry, it means you will get what you want.


  1. If you dream of sleeping on your back, it means power and the world under your control.
  2. When you dream of sleeping on your belly, it means you will lose your money, you are so weak, and you do not know how to take care of your job.
  3. Sleepiness in a dream means to survive.
  4. When you sleep then wake up, it means you will remember something you forgot.
  5. When you dreamed of waking and sleeping, it means you will get a direction on the right path.
  6. When someone in a dream awakes you, it means the straight path.


  1. Sneezing in the dream, it means to believe in something that is doubtful.
  2. Dream of sneezing can also mean a cure and longevity.
  3. Dream about snot, it means having many children. It could also expect to pay a debt or avoid distress.
  4. Dream of blowing your snot to the ground, it means you will have a daughter.
  5. Dream of snot in someone sheets, it shows the betrayal.
  6. Dream of someone rubbing your nose, it means that person seduces your mate.
  7. Dream of eating snot, it means you will use the money for something.


  1. Spitting in a dream, it means a statement that is not good.
  2. Dream of spitting on the wall, it means to collect the money.
  3. Dream of spitting on the ground, it means you will break a relationship.
  4. Spitting in a tree, it means breaking a promise or lie.
  5. Hot saliva means longevity.
  6. Dry saliva means indigence.
  7. Dream of spat on by people, it means your family denounced by people.
  8. Bloody saliva shows talking that is not useful.


  1. Yawning in dreams commits acts that are not preferred.
  2. Dream of yawning and cover your mouth with the hand, it means you try to get the right path.


  1. Snoring in a dream, it means angry or death.


  1. Whistling in the dream, it means not good.


  1. Dream of singing in a melodious voice that means good.
  2. Dream of singing on the market for the rich means not suitable meanwhile for the poor means the loss of intellect.
  3. Dream of singing in the bathroom, it means talk unclear.
  4. Dream of singing somewhere, it means you lie.


  1. When you were singing with lyrics containing advice, tips, warnings, so that is the meaning.
  2. Dream of singing a song with satire or ridicule, it means hypocritical.


  1. Dream of angry symbolizes your wealth.
  2. Dream of angry with people because of world affairs, it means infamy.


  1. Dream of wrestling, it means drag people into trouble.


  1. Dream of biting with a sense of pleasure, it means happiness.
  2. Bite someone who you know; it means the disease from that person.
  3. Someone, you do not know bites you, it means to get into trouble from that person.
  4. Dream of biting your own hands, it means sadness.


  1. Dream of a pinch, it means expecting something.


  1. Sweat in a dream, it means poverty.
  2. Dream about body odor, it means you will use your money for something that is not good.


  1. Trembling in a dream means not good.
  2. Dream of the neck was trembling; it means can’t be trusted.
  3. Dream of trembling on your shoulder blades, it means not quiet.
  4. Legs were shaking means busy.


  1. Lying in a dream means infamy and disgrace in the world.


  1. Listen to the call in a dream means a sadness and distress.
  2. When you heard an unknown call in an unfamiliar place while you did not answer the call, it means death.
  3. Dreamed of listening to the call but in that place, there was a voice of people laughing out loud, it means sadness.


  1. Hugging someone in a dream, it means longevity.


  1. Dream of hiding means has a daughter.
  2. Dream of hiding in the house, it means running away from someone.


  1. Dream of running but you do not know from whom you flee, it means to repent.
  2. Sometimes running in a dream means distress and grief.


  1. Dream of sweeping means less wealth.
  2. If you swept a house while in the house there was a sick person, it means death.
  3. Dream of sweeping a place for worship, it means a good thought.


  1. Play around in a dream, it means stupid and slightly minds.
  2. When you play your body parts, it means doing something that is not favored by people.


  1. Dream of hungry and then you eat, when you eat with pleasure means a good sign. When you eat but you not happy about, it says repented but not severe.
  2. Dream of hungry, it means you always are in sin and greed.


  1. Dream of thirsty, it means you look for something, but it does not work at all.
  2. Dream of thirsty and you want to drink from the river, but then you don’t drink it, it means to escape from trouble.
  3. Dream of drinking cold water, it means the lawful money.

The activities we do have their meaning. You can conclude your dreams by descriptions above.

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