mouse rat mice dream meaning

Dream Symbol Rat Mouse Meaning

mouse rat mice dream meaning
mouse dream spiritual meaning

We often hear that the dream brings a message or a sign for future. No wonder a lot of people want to find out what is the meaning of their dreams so they can predict right steps to run after seeing something in dreams. Rats are rodents shunned by many people for causing many diseases and other things.

People who were bitten by rats in a dream got unlucky, perhaps fired from their jobs, shunned by many friends, left by loved ones, and other sad things. But some people think if dreaming of rat is luck. Let’s find out about a rat on dream dictionary.

What does it mean when you dream about mouse or rat?

  1. Mouse in a dream means a woman who has a terrible temper.
  2. Dream of hunting rats means to marry the wrong person.
  3. Dream of your house filled with rats means gathered with the people.
  4. Dream of seeing rats do something miserable means shortage, your wealth are also reduced.
  5. Dream about rat out of your nose or genital; it means a woman with severe behavior.
  6. Dreams of mice out of your throat, it means having a boy.
  7. Dreams of mice out of the house means a burglar entered your home.
  8. Dream of holding a dead mouse, it means getting disaster.
  9. Mouse tail cut off means humiliation.
  10. Dream of holding a dead mouse, it means getting the disaster.
  11. Dream of pounding rat’s head to death means parting with hussy.
  12. Dream of stoning rat means accusing someone commits adultery.
  13. A mouse on the bed means a hussy in your house.

Above are some interesting information about the meaning of dreams rats. Hopefully, this information can be an overview to be more cautious to move forward. Although not scientific evidence, but most people in the world have these dreams.

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