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Snake Dream Spiritual Meaning & Interpretation

dream about snakes meaning
Snakes in a dream are weak enemies

The meaning of dreams about snakes varies by culture. For example, in ancient civilizations such as Asian cultures, the snake is a perfect symbol. A snake in a dream may show a positive change in life and may give answers to the problem.

Snakes from ancient times come from the standpoint dreams of guile and deceit. Some people often dream of snakes before suffering betrayal. However, we will go deeper into the snake dream symbolism. As you know, snake bites cause a lot of people die every year. What does the subconscious want to say to us?

You may be surprised to learn that some dream experts claim that a cobra reflects the distrust of some people close to you. Maybe you have found some signs or indications that the person you love or your friend is hiding something or an affair. On the other hand, many people make sure that dreaming of a skin-changing cobra is the transition stage. For this reason, dream interpretations have specific subjectivity nuances.

What does it mean to dream about snakes?

When you dream of seeing a snake in the house, it means there is an enemy in your home. When you see snakes in your dream that comes from mine, this symbolizes a good thing. When you look at a gold snake or silver snakes, this is much better than before. If you dream of seeing a big snake, it means you have a lot of enemies.

When you dream of killing a snake, this dream is a symbol of victory over your opponent. If you dreamed of killing a snake, and then you lift it high with your hand or distribute the meat, this is a sign that you will defeat an enemy.

Dream about snake meat, or skin, bone, and blood represent your money. If you see a snake’s egg in a dream, so it means a sign of a weak enemy. A snake carcass symbolizes that your enmity will be over.

A snake is talking to you with good conversation in a dream; this is a sign that you will get something good and useful from your enemies or sometimes getting pleasure from your opponent. But if the conversation is not good, this dream symbolizes the opposite, but you ultimately survive.

Dream of snakes bow down to you and follow all your will, and this symbolizes honor, high position, and enjoyment.

Dream of seeing a white snake, this symbolizes dignity. If the snake is in black, so it means an honor. When the snakes are green, this dream symbolizes multiple opponents. If the snake is yellow, this signifies disease from others. If the snake is red, it means an enemy that has many followers.

When you dream that you see a slippery snake and it has wings, this is a sign that you are afraid or coward. If you dream that you see a snake with fangs and horn, this symbolizes powerful enemy, provocative, and hurting.

When you dream that you see snakes gather around, this sign indicates that your closest people are your enemies. If you see a snake on a pillow or a mattress, this dream symbolizes that your spouse will die or get something terrible.

If you feel more afraid of a snake in your dream, this dream symbolizes that you will be safe from stronger enemies. When you see a snake, and you do not feel afraid, but you run away from it, this dream symbolizes a distress or grief.

When a snake comes out of your ears or navel or anus, this dream symbolizes enmity with your family. When a snake comes out of your mouth, this dream symbolizes that you will make sin from what you said. When you dream that a snake comes out of your neck and then into the earth, this sign symbolizes terrible news. Snakes get into your mouth in a dream; this symbolizes that you get a high science. When a snake swallows your balls in a dream, it symbolizes that your spouse will betray you.

When a snake bites you in a dream, it means that you get something unpleasant from your enemy.

When you dreamed of cutting a snake, this dream symbolizes that you should know about who is your real enemy and friend.

Having a snake as a pet and you do not feel afraid, this dream symbolizes fortune and a high position. If the snake is white and small, then the meaning is sincerity in the scramble for a living. Little snakes in any color mean a weak opponent.

When you dream of holding a snake and the snake is running and caught by your hands, this is a sign that you will survive from what you afraid of.

When you see snakes rise to the top in the air, up to a high place, this dream symbolizes that you will get excited. If a snake on your head, this dream symbolizes that you influence others.

In general, snake in dreams related to the anxious state. These thoughts bring us to the contrary things. Since Adam and Eve, the snake has become a sign of betrayal and deceit. The meaning of a snake in dreams can have different interpretations. To interpret it must fit the context that happened in your sleep. However, snakes dream can also bring a proper meaning.

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    1. A shiny red cobra bite my little girl on the side I murdered it than began to pull on the injure. I lastly got her to medical center and when I did discovered out the snake was not toxic. Weird dream.

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        I hope I can help you on this subject kindly send me your detailed dream with the timing when you saw it to my email id.
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        Anybody can contact me for dream interpretation.


    2. I dreamed when I would take banana leaves, I saw a large python on a banana tree. I dropped the snake, the snake stayed silent while sticking out its tongue.

  1. Very nice post about snakes. I just stumbled snakes in dream and
    wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading this posts.
    After all I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

    1. So, whenever me and my most newest associate start mentioning to connection again- I have these unusual wishes snakes. The one I just had was a lizard under a cloth… And somebody was offering it a rat and I considered it take the whole rat and I was just terrified. Then in my wish the rat started moving and trying to go up out of the snakes mouth area. Some other lizard objectives I have had are me walking and seeing a lizard and it trying to munch me… But it never does. It’s just such the opportunity that I have these objectives whenever I start discussing with my ex again.

  2. I was lying down in bed. Or type of seated upright. There were small snakes all over. Every color. Someone, not sure who or what the perspective was, but was speaking with me. Could only listen to the speech, a man. There was no perspective of a individual. I kept saying “I’m trying, if I can get this benefit off of me”. I kept trying to tremble the reptile off my hand, as it would keep tightening up. I would lastly get the reptile off d another one would take its position. That’s ongoing until I awoke.

  3. I thought that my son provided three little darkish snakes and in the need I advised him that we wished to get rid of them. When we found a personal to offer them with to one of the snakes eat the person. After considering giving them away I advised my son we can’t do that because they’re out children.

    1. I saw a very large snake in a cage. It looked at me, as if that snake wanted to eat me. I only saw it and it just silent. The snake resembles anaconda in the movie.

  4. I was in a home that sat on a pond. I was on the terrace when I saw a snake arriving towards me and chew me. After a while I got fed up with sittin within and desired to go out. As I wallked to the doorway to start up it that snake chew me again.

  5. In my dream I saw a snake, this reptile near to me. This snake can talk, omg.
    I know it talked to me but I forgot. I only remember it’s a warn. Is this dream true?

  6. I dreamed my boyfriend was carrying a box of snakes. Many small snakes in the box. Then he opened the box and spread the snakes in the garden.

  7. My dream last night was frightening to me, either to someone else. I saw in my dream, the biggest black snake with yellow. The snake seemed calm, he did not bite me. But this snake is huge, and I’ve never seen a snake this big in my life.

  8. When I was taking a bath in the bathup I fell asleep. I dreamed I saw the bathroom window was open and I saw a snake passing near the door. What does it mean to dream about seeing a snake?

  9. I dream of seeing a black snake with a red color that has a blue tongue. I walked away in a room with my brother. I got into bed but the snake came to me. The snake bit my finger. I can not let go and immediately I woke up. I thought this was a nightmare.

    1. Last night I dreamed of seeing a huge crocodile approaching but the snake twisted it. I pulled the tail of the snake wrapped around the crocodile’s neck and crocodile turned into a man. The tail of the snake is still wrapped around the young man’s neck, I pull its tail until that young man died. My aunt and uncle who saw it scolded me.

  10. I’m 23 years old.
    Previously 2 days ago after I slept at 2 am, I dreamed of being coughed by a snake on my back. My friend says my soul mate is near. Then the next day a guy I’ve never met and suddenly asked for my phone number. The guy revealed his heart and suddenly wanted to propose to me. Is that maybe my soul mate? We meet accidentally. Quite a few of my questions. Thank you

  11. I dreamt about a white snake its big and tall I saw his half down body only, On the back of my house. My house is an studio unit and located on the second floor the back on it is shaded of grass the snake come up to second floor with plant and like it’s resting. I’m not scared but I was amazed on the snake and I told to my friend when we get inside of my house don’t worry if the snake will bother us I will remove his skin like what I am doing. I remove the pillow case to my pillow and I throw the pillow case outside of my house. What does my dreamt mean?? Please help me

    1. last night I dreamed my fiancée was wrapped by a huge snake that had many heads and many other snakes around it. I tried to help him and succeeded, he was detached from the snake.

  12. i dreamed today about a snake and the snake is chasing me…what is it the meaning of dreaming a snake? i am aware of scared me.

  13. As in the case of crime, there were suddenly three snakes, each on the top of the tower, the serpents came down from the sky and headed for the tower to scatter a crime, and the serpent had many heads. And lastly a woman was blamed for some men, Suddenly the snake came and blew the woman. Her blouse was transformed into a sparkling jewel.

  14. dreamt seeing a big snake just in front of me as i was about to cross this river, this snake looked at me as if it was thinking of attacking me funny thing is i was with the other people i cant really remember now and they saw nothing, tried showing them the snake bt they didnt see it , i was the only one who was seeing this snake inside the water

  15. i dreamt a snake coming out from the center of my palm hand. when i was in my dream i can really feel the baby snake coming out and it feels soooo tickling. please anybody could interpret this dream?

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