Shooting, Star

Dream Meaning of Shooting Star /Comet/ Meteor

Shooting, Star

While sleeping, we often had a dream, and there was a dream that we have experienced. Some people argue that this vision is typical and has no meaning whatsoever. However, some people have faith that the concept is a warning sign for us so that we are more introspective in life. You may dream of seeing a shooting star. So, what is the meaning of this dream? Is it a good sign or a bad sign?

Shooting star in dreams

When we dream of seeing a shooting star, there are several interpretations. However, in general, the thought of seeing a shooting star is a good sign. Something good will come to your life. Good things come from various aspects, family, career, health, and others. Therefore when you dream of seeing a shooting star, you should be grateful because there is something good will coming to your life. If you dreamed of seeing a shooting star, the experts interpret that you will get the blessing from God.

Dreams about meteor

When you see a meteor in your sleep, this dream symbolizes happiness. Everything you hope will eventually come to your hands. You will be satisfied with the business plan. A falling meteor implies that you will find a secret. You will know that you have a wrong perception. You don’t use common sense and independently evaluate.

When a meteor hits you, this dream symbolizes that you will fall in love. You might not expect that you will meet someone you often think about. You don’t know what will happen to you, but it will make you say nonsense to attract that person’s attention.

Dream of seeing comet

If you dream of seeing a comet, it indicates that you will get happiness in the household. So, if you have a family and you dreamed of seeing a comet, then you will get a thing that makes you happy in marriage.

The dream of seeing a star can be a good sign or a bad sign depending on the conditions in your sleep. Unfortunately, we often find it difficult to remember the details that occur in the dream so that the interpretations we see are not correct. Dream to see stars often interpreted as a good sign that will gain knowledge or enlightenment. If the stars you see down into the house, then it is a good sign that you will get a good and a blessing. However, if the stars you see in a dream are star-tailed, then it is a bad sign that is going to be a riot around you. Similarly, if you see a star moving backward, a sign that you will travel far.

That’s some interpretation of dreams about falling star. If you ever dreamed of seeing a shooting star, in essence, the meaning is that you’ll get something useful in the future.

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