defecate dream meaning

Dream Symbol Defecate and Feces

feces dream meaning
when you see feces in your dream

Defecation dream is one sign that shortly you will spend some money for unexpected purposes. Many dream experts often express that. Do you believe in this prediction? According to Sigmund Freud, excrement or feces are linked to pride and money. Therefore, although dream of dung provokes repulsion and disgust, it is not always related to negative aspects. This thought is part of the most common vision.

You may have a dream that is relatively dirty. A person may dream of defecating in public. It is essential to interpret the dream correctly so you can analyze the situation. Dreaming of feces can also represent greed and a sad situation.

Many people have proven that the dream of defecating has a real meaning. Defecation in dreams is always related to economic problems. Something will come without you thought and still make you have to try to get money for urgent needs. However, not all dreams about defecation are bad, the detail in your dream will tell you about your true dreams.

Meaning of defecate in dreams

Human feces
When you see human feces in your sleep, this dream shows financial benefits with the work you do. Usually, it is the salary for the work that you are doing well. When you see the baby’s feces, this dream represents a huge financial gain. The advantage that you get will be higher than you see an adult human feces. When you smell the dirt, this dream signifies a business opportunity you have not seen, but it will appear. If you manage to get a job, you will receive financial benefits. When you fall in feces, this dream is very good news. If you dare to do something you have dreamed of for a long time, it is best not to waste energy in vain.

Dream of cleaning up feces
This vision is related to the pressing needs and spending money unexpectedly. Even mentioned that by cleaning all the dirt, this means we will also drain all our savings to meet those needs. When you remove dirt or you clean up the dirt, this dream signifies bad news. You have an enemy in business or someone will be jealous of your business success.

Dream constipation
These dreams have a meaning about the difficulty of opening up to others. You tend not to believe and do not share personal emotions. You internalize your deepest feelings.

Dream defecate in public
This vision is a sign of humility in some cases. You have to remember your feelings when you have this image. Do you feel embarrassed and want to hide? Do you feel indifferent to be attentive? You may have dreams like naked in public.

Someone to see you’re defecating
This dream is not related to spending money. But it symbolizes that you will get embarrassed because your disgrace will be revealed for some reason. Try to tolerant if this dream proved.

Defecate a lot of diarrhea
This dream is attributed to a symbol that you will experience a disaster or spend large amounts of money. It can also mean you will lose a valuable item. Try to be cautious, especially in managing your financial budget if you experience this dream. As you dream of diarrhea, it symbolizes that your work and efforts will not work.

Your family defecated
When in general the dream of excretion is associated with spending money, this becomes a symbol that you will get a fortune shortly from someone.

Defecation out worms
The meaning of this dream is not far from spending money. On the other side, animal droppings in dreams show that luck will await you. You make good decisions for useful activities.

Dreams about feces vary according to the culture of each nation. In general, the defecation symbolizes misfortune, while the dream of seeing feces symbolizes the money you will get.

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  1. I dreamed to go behind my aunt’s house, then I saw a big mango tree. I saw a lot of dirt, then I stepped on it, and I ran to the well to wash my feet but I saw a lot of maggots in the well and I threw up. What does my dream mean?

  2. In my dream I was deficating and at time somebody brought me mango fruit,the person forced me to eat the mango.what does that mean?

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