arms dream meaning

Dream of Seeing Broken Arms and Wounded

arms dream meaning

The dream of seeing the arms, whether in your sleep belong to other people or yours has often been experienced by many people. This vision does not necessarily symbolize something particular, although the arm can mean something necessary under certain conditions.

Dreams can be forgotten so quickly when you wake up. If you can remember how you dreamed of seeing your arm, it is possible that your subconscious has a message to be delivered to you.

What does it mean to dream about the arm?

If you were dreaming about the arm, the thing you should remember is chronological in the dream. Dream of the arm can be interpreted to be a symbol of your concern and your wish to care about those around you. Dreaming of arms is often experienced by people who have sick friends or family members. The arms in your dream are the perception to tell you to care for the people close to you.

Dreams about the arms can also be interpreted as a result of hard work and challenges in your life. The meaning of this dream will depend on the context of the arm in the dream. If you use your hands and arms to defend, this means you feel attacked, or you have to protect yourself. It can happen because you think injustice or criticism of your work, and you want to counterattack or defend yourself.

If your arm is injured, it symbolizes that you can not afford to take care of yourself. Dreams of injured or broken limbs also mean you feel helpless to help others. People who are unable to support their families may have dreams like this. Dreams of damaged or injured arms can also mean that you feel limited or limited in your activities.

The left arm represents feminine characteristics, such as caring and nurturing. Meanwhile, the right arm represents the masculine nature of the dreamer.

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