About Dreamericans

The dream is a part of human life. Humans have known dreams long ago; this picture is the experience of each. This unusual phenomenon has attracted many people based on various cultures scattered throughout the world. Therefore, dreams cannot be separated from human life because this has a significant influence.

Beyond all that, there is a uniqueness about dreams, most of us find it difficult to remember dreams after we wake up. We may still be able to remember nightmares, even though it’s not clear. It is because the undersea nature of the brain does not move it from short-term memory to long-term, so it will soon be forgotten after we wake up.

People can dream up to eight times a night. On average, people dream about more than 2 times a night; there are even people who can dream up to 8 times. We will not remember what we dreamed of, because of only a few that the brain can remember.

In human history, many people dream and believe in the truth behind dream events. Dreams can be fun in a person’s life, but can also be surprising, frightening or exciting. When we have a beautiful dream, we don’t want to lose that dream, and we want to be true. Some people believe that dreams are a message from God, but some people only consider their routine in bed. Meanwhile, some people also want to know the meaning behind the nightmare.

That’s why many people seek dream interpretation because people still hope to find a little secret in life that appears in sleep. Some experts in dream interpretation are Ibn Sirin, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung. These people can analyze the meaning of dreams. People are curious to find out about the truth of the vision. Now is the right time to open the dream dictionary.